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Our Vision

The mission of The Blend is as simple as our menu. We want to fuel people to perform faster, stronger; simply to keep on living. We believe in a mindset of what you put in, you get out, whether that be food into your body or effort into your goal. Life is what you make it and we want to give people an option to make their’s a healthy one.

"The menu is what will attract people to our food truck, but I believe we'll be successful because we’re a family business. Buffalo is all about family and I think people will respond to that. I hope locals will embrace the “healthy choice”, and ultimately embrace me because I have a story. I graduated from Ithaca college with my masters in speech pathology, but my passion was always in fitness. To sustain my love of exercise, I continued to work in a health club teaching classes, and eventually went on to manage Catalyst, then Gold’s Gym. Even though I still work full time for the Buffalo Public School District, I also have my personal training business, Drive Fitness, where I in-home train over 15 clients. 


My speech degree was for practicality. My personal training is my passion. And The Blend is for my daughters. I want something to give to them; something we can accomplish as a family."  -Tracey Taylor, Owner

"I'm convinced my mom put protein shakes in our sippy cups, so joining The Blend team was never a question for me. I grew up understanding the importance of health and wellness, and eventually my mom's passions became my own! After graduating with a degree in business and communications, I spent an entire summer as the marketing and operations manager. Although I now have a full-time day job, I love helping out with the family business whenever I can." 

-Sidney Bernardoni

"Health and wellness is very important to us old people ... I want to live a long life! As a resgistered nurse who worked in the gastrointestinal department for most of my career, I saw first hand the effects of a poor diet. I began making protein bars for my family, which evenutally evolved into The Blend Bar! I was so excited when my daughter, Tracey, asked me to join the team. I truly believe that being mindful about diet and exercise will lead to what we all want ... happiness and longevity!

-Marcia Taylor,The Blend Bar Baker